Read This: Teen Vogue Explains How Political Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Actually Was

Lady Gaga has cooled it down a lot in recent years. Although her bejeweled shoulder pads and hotpants ensemble was nothing I would wear out to brunch, it’s a far cry from the meat suits of yesteryear. And she’s doing Tiffany’s commercials now, I guess. So really, Lady Gaga has become much more approachable for the unwashed masses in recent years.

All that being said, this must be a mother fucking joke:

OH HONEY. No. Listen, maybe growing up a wild feminist in Texas made me a little more *tuned in* to these things – “these things” being quietly but distinctly railing against the patriarchy in ways that give you plausible deniability. However, anyone who watches a bisexual Italian woman singing a medley of gay damn anthems while surrounded by gorgeous, androgynous dancers shaking their asses in the face of a sport dedicated to Toxic Masculinity and thinks that ISN’T political must be dead or deeply dumb (coincidentally, Fox News is both). She sang Born This Way! Teen Vogue’s Philip Picardi made a million good points about the performance, but this is probably the most succinct:

“If you’ve been to a Pride March in the past four years, you’d know a thing or two about dancing to “Born This Way” while you’re surrounded by a ton of glitter, bare skin, and glorious, rainbow solidarity. Let’s just be clear here, though: Performing a song that’s so blatantly gay in front of an audience that includes Mike Pence, one of the most anti-LGBTQ politicians today, is absolutely political — especially when it contains lyrics like “No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life.” (PS: According to USA Today, that’d “likely” be the first time the word “transgender” was said onstage at a Super Bowl.)”

The article, like all of Teen Vogue’s political coverage, is worth reading in its entirety. Find it here.


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