5 NYE Looks to show 2017 Who’s Boss

It’s almost time to say BYE FELIPE to what was arguably the most tumultuous year in human history. I know you may not feel up to it, but I think it’d be good for us to throw on some war paint, pull on our tights, and get the hell out there to ring in a fresh start with the rest of our tribe. If anything, use this as an excuse to down yet another bottle of champagne.

As my contribution to help you have the best night of 2016 (the bar is low, so I expect thank you notes from all of you), please enjoy this list of my favorite makeup looks of the year and outfits to match. These items are ready to pick up in most specified locations, or, if you’re like me and plan to stay on the couch until about 5 hours ’till midnight on New Year’s Eve, you can order them online for overnight shipping. Side note: I need clean sweatpants and Vitamin D.

1) Ashley Graham in a Dark Lip and Bold Brow

Courtesy of Ashley Graham on Instagram via perezhilton.com

This woman is a goddess, truly. From her body positive messages to her impeccable style, she constantly reminds us that beauty is what we do with our minds and how we honor our bodies. Instagram? More like instaGraham–Ashley is killing the whole damn game.

Quick Tips to Achieve this Look

  • Keep the face makeup light–skip blush and use bronzer under your cheek bones.
  • Fill in your brows with a little more emphasis than usual. Use a pencil like IT Cosmetic’s Brow Power to easily adjust the shade based on pressure applied. When in doubt, blend it out with the brush that comes on the opposite side of the pencil.
  • Load on the mascara and you don’t have to do anything else with your eyes!
  • Choose a liquid lipstick like Stila’s Bacca to insure your lips survive the midnight smooch. Wear chapstick underneath to keep the color from cracking.

Outfit Inspo


Now that you’re ROCKING that vampy lip, let’s get you into a deserving body con. I love this off-the-shoulder option from Torrid. The black keeps your look worthy of rooftop cocktails, but the cut adds a necessary sass worthy of YOU, ya sexy minx.

2) Kimoko Glenn Rocking Glowy Skin and Light Eye Makeup 

Photo by Dan MacMedan/WireImage

I fell in love with this sweet baby angel like we all did; crying into our popcorn as we watched Orange is the New Black. Since then, I’ve followed her adventures and fallen in love once again through her vocal performance in the Broadway musical Waitress. Listen on Spotify while you get ready for the night ahead!

Quick Tips to Achieve this Look

  • Strobe! See my Strobing Guide for instructions and a personalized product guide by clicking here.
  • Match your blush to your gloss in a light pink shade to keep it sweet and simple.
  • Wear feathery falsies like by Eylure’s Luxe Faux Minx set and tight line with just enough liner to cover the lash glue.
  • Swipe your blush in your eye crease for an quick wash of color.

Outfit Inspo

Need Supply Co.

Because this look is fairly minimalist, it pairs well with a clean-structured dress. I say, to add interest, opt for a surprising texture. Velvet is having a major moment right now; take baby steps and try this dress in an understated hue that will pair excellently with your baby pink lips and cheeks. On super-sale now at needsupply.com

3) Alicia Keys Without a Stitch of Makeup (And The World Didn’t Explode)

Photo Courtesy of cosmopolitan.com

Just when we thought we couldn’t adore her any more, Alicia Keys pops up with a fresh face at the VMAs and reminds us all, you don’t have to pick up that brush if you don’t want to. You go out there with the face your momma gave you and do yo thang because you are beautiful with or without the paint. Bless.

Quick Tips to Achieve this Look

  • Hydrate your skin! I love Origin’s A Perfect World SPF 25 for all skin types. As a more price-efficient option, I always recommend the drugstore line Cerave.
  • Brush your brows up with a dry toothbrush.
  • Throw on a lip balm. For an extra natural glow, add that same balm to your cheekbones.

Outfit Inspo


Just because your face is playing it cool doesn’t mean you can’t go loud and proud with your wardrobe. I love basically everything about this dress; the color palette, the shape, the light texture. The boho structure is balanced by a bold color scheme, perfect for an confident, edgy lady like you. Remember, no matter what you wear, you are the real star here. Shop this look at freepeople.com.

4) Issa Rae in a Silver Smokey Eye and Red Lip

Photo by Todd Williamson/Invision for People/AP Images

There’s always an exception to the rule and Issa Rae is proof; contrary to tradition, you don’t have to choose a bold lip over bold eye or vice versa! Have your cake and eat it too! BTW, If you haven’t binged Insecure yet, you need to get on it, like now. Go ahead, I’ll wait……I’m sure you’ll agree that Rae has created a smart, honest, hilarious, and refreshing piece of television that HBO should feel honored to house.

Quick Tips to Achieve this Look

  • You’ll need at least three shadows: a frosty silver (like frostbite from NYX ), a matte warm orangey brown (like saddle by MAC), and a matte black (like from 391 from Inglot).
  • After priming your lids, pat the silver shade onto your lid with your finger-if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty-or a flat eyeshadow brush if you are. Next, blend the brown shade into your crease with a blending brush. I like the 224 from MAC. Lastly, add the black shade to your outer crease, not taking this shade as high or as far out as you did the crease color. By keeping the black inside the brown crease color, you achieve a well blended, “smokey” look.
  • To attain Rae’s shiny cherry lip, use a highly pigmented gloss on top of a matching lip liner. Check out Urban Decay’s Revolution High-Color Gloss–on sale right now at Ulta!!!

Outfit Inspo


First off, I love this dress because IT HAS A CAPE and you are a superhero to me. Secondly, I love this color. It’ll go great with your cherry lips. Buy it now at Target. That is all.

5) Emma Stone in a Tight Smokey Eye and Dark Nude Lip

Emma Stone – ‘La La Land’ Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 9/12/2016

Emma Stone is long-admired makeup muse thanks to master makeup artist, Rachel Goodwin. Stone sported this sultry look to the premiere of La La Land, coincidentally my favorite film of the year.

Quick Tips to Achieve this Look

  • You’ll need at least two eyeshadows: matte black (like from 391 from Inglot) and a warm taupe (like Tryst from NYX).
  • After priming your lids, blend the black shadow onto your lid. Take the same shade and, using a pencil brush, blend directly under the lower lash line. Next, blend the taupe shade into your crease with a blending brush. I like the 224 from MAC. Lastly, add the matte black to your outer crease, not taking this shade as high or as far out as you did the taupe crease color. *Pro Tip* Let the eyeshadow be your first step when using highly pigmented colors like these to easily wipe away the mess that you will definitely make. Trust me, it’s not just you! Even makeup artists deal with eyeshadow fall-out.
  • Apply a waterproof pencil eyeliner to the upper lash line and lower waterline. Do the same for the upper waterline line for an extra sexy look.
  • Load on that mascara, girl.
  • Swipe on your dark nude lipstick selection. Emma’s has a bit of a shimmer; try Sugar Daddy by Too Faced for a similar hue and finish.

Outfit Inspo


Stone wears a sweet yellow number in her premier look, but this is New Year’s Eve, people! Time to spice it up! This two piece still maintains a romantic feel due to the 70’s inspired bell sleeves and neck piece, but its certainly not as sweet. Get it for 30% off now at Nasty Gal.

Welp. That’s what I got! I hope this helps. Please tell me if you took any of my advice. And, OOOO, Send pics!!!

Happy Freakin’ New Year, y’all.

XOXO, Christly

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