A Definitive Guide to Winter TV Binge Watching

Hey guys, it’s cold now! Why would you want to go outside these days- just because you have a job, or school, or a desire to be a contributing member of society? Okay, that’s all fine and good. But have you considered the fact that winter sucks? If you’re going to spend 70% of the next four months on your couch, you might as well use that time to catch up on TV! Lucky for you, I’ve created this guide to keeping warm by the light of a television screen. Happy Binging!

New Shows Worth Trying

Westworld (HBO)


Courtesy of HBO

I hate to start with such an obvious one, but if you haven’t been watching Westworld – what the eff have you been talking to your coworkers about the last ten weeks?! Westworld is a dark, twisty-turny, sexy, scary Robot Cowboy adventure following an amusment park full of stupidly life-like robot people, the park’s staff, and its guests. It definitely requires some patience and attention – stay off your phone! – but it’s worth the effort. And if you get confused, there’s no shortage on online conspiracy theories to help you figure it out.

Watch On: HBO or one of their streaming platforms

Binge Type: Stay up all night, forget what sunshine feels like

Pairs Wells With: Whiskey, an extra-rare burger, Reddit

Good Girls Revolt (Amazon)


Courtesy of Amazon

This is a pet favorite of mine and I am the ONLY person I know who watched it. Will you please watch it?? And then text me?? The costumes are amazing, it features some of my favorite gals (hi, Anna Camp), and it feels very timely. It’s based off the true story of a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Newsweek magazine, where the staff women sued for the right to be promoted along side their male counterparts and WON. Girl. Power.

Watch On: Amazon Prime

Binge Type: Watch four episodes, go out and buy a pair of knee-high boots, smash the patriarchy

Pairs Wells With: Law School applications, White wine spritzers

Search Party (TBS)


Courtesy of TBS

What happens when my self-absorbed friends launch an amateur investigation into the disappearance of a college acquaintance? Well, the best TV show about millennials that doesn’t make me cringe when typing the word “millennials.” You’ll recognize these funny faces from some of your favorite off-beat TV shows like Arrested Development and Stranger Things, and you’ll recognize many of the cringeworthy moments from… your life.

Watch On: TBS.com

Binge Type: Have the girls over, order in.

Pairs Well With: The Cheapest Red Wine at Whole Foods, or the Best Local IPA not Over $10

Shows You Should Already Be Watching

Black Mirror (BBC/Netflix)

Courtesy of Netflix

Courtesy of Netflix

Again, hate to be obvious, but if you haven’t been watching Black Mirror – what have you been talking to your coworkers about for the last three years? All three seasons are great, and each episode in a stand alone story about the perils of technology – so you can start anywhere. The third season was the first to be produced by Netflix (as opposed to BBC) so its a little less…you know, British.

Watch On: Netflix

Binge Type: Meta AF

Pairs Well With: Existential Dread, Pizza I guess?

The Americans (FX)

Courtesy of FX

Courtesy of FX

CAN. EVERYONE. STOP. SLEEPING. ON. THE. AMERICANS. Looking at you, Emmy Awards. What I love about the Regan Administration – era drama is how seamlessly it flows from Russian Sleeper Spy adventure to mundane family drama, without letting one seem more important than the other. I also love the wigs.

Watch On: Amazon Prime

Binge Type: Take Breaks to Practice Russian on Duolingo, Side-eye your neighbors

Pairs Well With: Vodka, McCarthyism

Veep (HBO)

Courtesy of HBO

Courtesy of HBO

“Why does Julia Louise Dryfus keep winning Emmy’s for that Vice President show??” Get the hell out of my face. No single line out of this show isn’t goddamn perfect and I will fight any person who disagrees.

Watch On: Amazon Prime, HBO Go

Binge Type: You can theoretically fit 30 of these 28 minute episodes in a day and still have time to sleep and shower!

Pairs Well With: Power, Croissants, Scotch, More Law School Apps

Shows That You Can Binge Forever

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC)

Courtesy of ABC

Some say that binging was invented for this long running surgical drama. Between the office romances, medical miracles and willy-nilly main character deaths (seriously) there is no shortage to keep you enthralled during winter’s cold, long night. And the good news is that there’s (approx) ten BILLION episodes so you’ll never run out!*

Watch On: Netflix, Hulu

Binge Type: I’m a doctor now.

Pairs Well With: Wow, did I just drink that entire box of La Croix mysef? What day is it?

Lost (ABC)

I don’t know what it’s about! I never finished it! No one ever has! They’re on an island I think!

Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Watch On: Netflix

Binge Type: Watch with your boyfriend, he likes it.

Pairs Well With: I’m just gonna make Mai Tais, mmmkay?

Shameless (ShowTime)

Courtesy of ShowTime

Courtesy of ShowTime

Six siblings, seven seasons. The tale of the dirt-poor Gallagher clan is billed as a comedy, but it’s daaaark. As tough as it is to watch them fuck up, it’s really rewarding to watch the characters grow and evolve over the seasons. Plus, it’s a cool chance to see Chicago on screen – especially the South Side!

Watch On: Netflix, Amazon’s Showtime Channel

Binge Type: I can no longer tell the difference between laughing and crying.

Pairs Well With: Giving Up Drinking Forever, Hugging your parents