Everything’s Coming Up Rose Gold

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a huge spike in the popularity of rose gold. There’s something so intoxicating about that pink-hue that seems both uniquely vintage and effortlessly new. Brace yourselves, because rose gold is taking over more than just your *secret* engagement ring Pinterest board or your iPhone 6s; now even your hair can join the trend! Rose gold hair is the thing in salons for the summer and fall. Roll out the welcome wagon. I’ve got your key “need-to-knows” about this buzz-worthy trend.

Let’s all get on the same page here with the assistance of some images:


solid rose gold

Hair and image courtesy of Beth Ann Peterson (IG: @bapete818)

Classic. Rose. Gold. This would be a bolder look for those who want a more solid, all over effect.

textured rose gold

Hair and image courtesy of Shelley Gregory (IG: @shelleygregoryhair)

This is another bold look with some added dimension. And the natural texture with this look… I die.

B L O N D E     R O S E G O L D

blonde rose gold

Hair and image courtesy of yours truly (Christine Arnold)

Wanting a more subtle, diffused pop of rose gold? This lighter density look is another great version of the trend.

B R U N E T T E     R O S E G O L D

bruntte rose gold

Hair and image courtesy of Joanne Chung (IG: @hairxjojo)

Where my brunette homegirls at? Don’t think I could forget about you! Here’s a great image of what this trend could look like on you.

Let me go ahead and say that this trend is not for everybody. For starters, your hair must be pre-lightened or naturally very pale blonde (which rarely exists in nature aside from toe-headed youngsters) for the color to take. So no worries for all you balayaged babes – rose gold will transfer just fine on you – but anyone with natural “virgin” hair, or dark permanent color will have some legwork to do in the salon before achieving this stylish look.

While the rose gold color is gorgeous, it is also hella temporary; which makes it great for the faint of heart that have a colorful, rebellious streak in them, but it can be frustrating to maintain if you’re the commitment type. You’ll probably notice within 30 to 45 days that the color has faded significantly, if not faded completely (dependent on the color line you use). The longest I’ve personally seen it last is about two months; but the color started out as a vibrant fuchsia, then slowly faded to a rose gold before finally crapping out at the palest of pale pinks. Bottom line: if you’re wanting rose gold tresses, prepare to go through some ch-ch-ch-changes. *R.I.P.*

Evolution of David Bowie - Imgur

Image courtesy of Imgur

Another quick note is that since golden hues are used to achieve the rose gold look, your color will tend to fade to a warmer tone. This could work just fine for those that like honey or golden blonde tones, but for those who like their blonde icier than Queen Elsa’s kingdom, it may result in undesired warmth. (TIP: If you’re wanting a pastel fashion color, but don’t want the warmth after fading try something in the purple/lavender family)

Which brings me to my next point: This rosy trend, while effin’ gorgeous, is also a bit…shall we say… unpredictable. Pastel tinted hair colors can result from the fading of a brighter fashion color, like purple, blue or hot pink. Because of this, there’s no “one way” to get to rose gold. There are a couple options at your disposal. You can choose to go more pastel right off the bat – but this will usually fade within 3-6 shampoos; Or you can overshoot with a more vibrant color than you’re initially wanting, letting that color fade to get you to your rose gold perfection. The big pro to the latter is that the color will last a bit longer. There are also a bajillion other factors that go into how long your color will last, such as porosity of the hair, hair color, shampoos/conditioners, what color line used, etc. Be sure to talk with your stylist about the best plan for your hair.

giphyAlright, so let’s talk CA$H MONEY. What is this color going to run you? Well, I don’t have an exact answer for you because salon prices vary from place to place. Toners will be a cheaper and less permanent result. Think of toner as as a sheer covering of the hair shaft. It is usually used to neutralize unwanted tones, like that orange brassy color many of us brunettes have to go through to get to blonde. If you go the route of a toner you can expect to pay between $60-$100 dependent upon salon prices and stylist level. The service will usually come with a shampoo and style. *A cheaper option for you budget conscious folks is to check out a cosmetology institute like Aveda or Paul Mitchell. The service will be performed by a student with the oversight of an educator for a price that’s much easier to swallow.*

If you choose to pull out the big guns and go for a semi-permanent or permanent color, expect to pay a bit more. The service will also come with a shampoo and style, and will set you back between $80-$150. Again these prices are super subjective. Higher end salons will always be more expensive, as will a more advanced stylist. City size and cost of local living also plays into prices. Sorry New Yorkers, you can expect to pay more than my Tallahassee lassies. Do your research, and find the best option for you in your area. (And tip your stylists well! 20% is customary)

As with any change in hair color, your wardrobe must respond accordingly. What I find more difficult with fashion hair colors (like rose gold) is choosing the right shades to wear that compliment your hair without the finished look amounting to rainbow diarrhea. I tend to recommend neutrals with pops of complimentary colors. (see first image for a great example) If your hair is already loud and proud, you don’t need an outfit to compete with screaming colors. Let your hair be your greatest accessory. That being said… style your hair. If you’re someone who rocks the bed head look (and I mean actual bed head, not the Blake-Lively-I-Woke-Up-Like-This bed head) this look is not for you. If you don’t do much with your hair, find another trend that compliments the “undone” look, but this isn’t it. Fashion colors walk a fine line between totally glam and a hot damn mess. Proceed accordingly.

Overall, I am endlessly obsessed with this trend. #1 – it’s fun to experiment with as a hairstylist. #2 – I personally love the journey of the fading process. It keeps things interesting! If you’re up for the maintenance it takes to keep the color looking good, I say DO IT. If nothing else it’ll make your Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim squirm at Thanksgiving.



Article by Christine Arnold

Artwork by Christly Guedry


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