Stitch Fix Styling Service; A Review

You are very busy.

You work overtime. You barely make it to Zumba. You shower with a wine glass balanced on your towel rack.

You plan to make plans to call the doctor about the plantar fasciitis you fear is destroying your foot and pray to God that you won’t actually have to make an appointment. You consequently waste hours on Web MD to avoid the visit.

You have needy friends to entertain (bless them) and even needier family to visit (bless you).

You have fires to put out and romances to stoke.

You send an average of one email per hour and brush your teeth at least twice a day–unless you’re single, then you say “fuck it” and use mouthwash at night.

You must hurry to finish Stranger Things before Rob From Accounting leaks another freaking spoiler.

You should probably find time to sleep…and shave…and come up with reasons not to shave, which usually starts and ends with “sleep.”


You are doing you as best you can with the time you’re given. I see you.


In school, my girlfriends and I would pop over to the Galleria during a break to kill time/avoid studying. We’d complain about the time we didn’t have as we filled up our shopping baskets, effectively spending our paychecks before we got them. It’s really quite adorable to think of how busy we thought we were.

Since graduation my style has changed and so has my body; both have matured a bit in these last two years. My shape has filled out. I am working on my big-girl career. I’m attending more weddings and “fun” networking events. Shopping has taken on a new level of priority in my own personal Hierarchy of Needs and, due to an obvious lack of space in my schedule, is more of a pain in my filled-out ass.

Then Christly met Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is an online styling service that works like this (minus some nifty details that I will reveal later):


  1. Fill out a style quiz that allows a stylist to understand what you are looking for-this includes your sizes and pricing preferences
  2. Pay a $20 styling fee which is then applied to any future purchase
  3. Wait for your package (hardest part)
  4. Receive your package of five items, ranging from clothes to shoes to accessories, and take up to three business days to decide what’s staying with you
  5. Ship back the items you do not wish to keep – free of charge


While StitchFix offers a hearty 20% off the total if you keep everything, I have received a total of five “Fixes” with a record of keeping only two items per box. The discount is an awesome perk, however I’ve realized that my pricing preferences are set way too high. It’s as if I am expecting to find a hundred dollar bill on the ground somewhere right before my fix arrives. What can I say? I’m an optimist and also delusional.

My most recent fix was, admittedly, not my favorite. Still great! But not the best. This ain’t no paid advertisement, people! Here’s my most recent fix, no strings attached.

Upon opening my box, I found a style guide and a note from my stylist. The feeling is personal. My stylist describes what she hand selected for me, Christly, and suggests different ways to wear the selected items via the style guide, which is a charming and fairly helpful addition.

Because this is my fifth fix, I skim the guide and rip into my box like a wild hyena with no respect for preserving the carefully arranged packaging.

The first item is the Ryland Knit Maxi Dress ( $78).


First impression: This is super soft. Heavy. Obviously good quality. A little schoolmarmish? I throw it on and have my cat take a pic. (Jk, it was bestie Kathryn, a human person with opposable thumbs.) I dress it up, hoping that it will become a little more current. I add a necklace that I received in a previous fix and it helps…a little.


Kathryn and I decide we are not crazy about this one aside from the fact that it makes my waist look super tiny.

The next item is a pair of Steve Madden sandals ($79). Instantly smitten, I vow to keep them…despite the fact that the left one makes a quiet little fart noise when I walk. True love does not care about farts. Also, I desperately needed a pair of neutral sandals and these were super comfy.


Moving on, I find an embroidered v-neck dress ( skiesareblueclothing $74).

I like this one. Kathryn has to remind me that this dress is reminiscent of about three other sundresses I own.

After pitching a fit, she lets me style it.


I add some dangly gold earrings, a bracelet, some brown leather platforms, and a berry-hued lipstick. I love it!

Serving as my voice of reason, Kathryn insists that I skip it. She’s right; I own like three variations of this dress. I fold it up with care, place it in the return box, and say a Viking prayer.

The next item is the Edmund Crochet Top ( $64).

Note how sad I look after saying goodbye to the previous dress. THANKS KATHRYN.

This top is clearly adorable. It’s not a shape I buy. Ever. I like a cinched waist and/or a tighter fit, or else I risk feeling like a balloon. Still–I can’t help but love this billowy, romantic piece.  I take off my bra and ask Kathryn if she can see nip. She can. Damn. The ability to go braless is an easy sell for me and would have saved this top. Kathryn loves it regardless, so I style it, knowing I will not keep it in the end. The shape will bother me if I do, and I can’t afford to spend the money on something I won’t actually wear.

I add black skinny jeans, some floral heels, a chunky necklace for a pop of color, and a pinky-red lip. It works. I am conflicted.
The final item is a pair of Warp & Weft skinny jeans ( $98).

Kathryn and I are both underwhelmed. They feel great and look okay, but if I’m going to spend top dollar on a pair of jeans, my ass better look like it’s being perpetually lifted up by the hands of baby angels. I style it, because why not.

I add a graphic T tucked in with a belt, a few playful bracelets, a pair of black platform sandals, and a red lip. The entire outfit sways me.

Time for the final judgment call.

I try to convince Kathryn that it would be wise to keep all of the items so I can get the discount, but we both know Steve Madden is the only true winner. I all at once feel gratitude and regret for Kathryn’s presence. Damn her wisdom! And damn that I didn’t find that hundred dollar bill in time…

I send back all but the sandals.

A couple of weeks later, after wearing the shoes about five times, I notice that the glue holding the suede together is coming undone. I email StitchFix hoping, at best, for an exchange. Not 24 hours later, I receive a response–my bank account has been fully refunded, along with the styling fee. As if that wasn’t good enough, I am asked to KEEP THE SANDALS. This is customer service at its best. I feel a little guilty because the shoes are totally wearable, but then I remember that I am a selfish little turd and I do a happy dance.

Although I only held on to one item this time, I will certainly order another box for the upcoming fall season. Stitch Fix feels like opening a package from an old friend on Christmas day, or a less romantic affordable luxury. That is, if one is being realistic about one’s budget when completing the style quiz. *cough* Christly needs help *cough*

I recommend StitchFix for it’s ease of use, fashionable options, personal touch, and terrific customer service.

Have you tried StitchFix or another styling service? Sound off!


Article by Christly Guedry