We’re calling all writers, poets, artists, reporters, podcast makers, boss bitches, etc. to be heard!

At YNBF we think that part of “empowering women” is inviting them to speak. We want to open up the YNBF platform to all of our followers. Both women and men and non-binary, from all ages and backgrounds: your voice has value & there is strength in your story; be heard.

If you want to submit something to be published at YNBF, pitch it to us: [email protected]
You can send us up to ten pitches. The more you send, the better we can see your range and perspective and the more options we have to choose from. If selected, each piece is subject to edits from our team, but we won’t post it without your approval. Content that does not reflect YNBF values will be redirected.

Happy creating!