Dad Types and What to Get’em

Nerd Dad

  • makes bad puns and fan-boys out about Neil deGrasse Tyson 
  • has a running list of Shark Tank ideas
  • all of us, honestly

Echo Dot: the little brother to the Amazon Echo. It’s his own personal robot/friend/personal assistant/something to talk at. (


Millennium Falcon Bluetooth Speaker: for obvious reasons. (


Trendy Dad

  • buys his own clothes so you don’t even want to try
  • gives his kid a mohawk regardless of gender
  • knows when the new iphone is coming out before the tech gossip blogs do


Cool-ass dock for his apple watch: because he believes every apple product is a work of art and should be treated as such. And you are sure as hell not buying him the watch. This one is 15% off right now! (


Sprezza Box Subscription: requires minimum brain usage on your end. (


Classy Dad

  • has a hard copy of The New York Times delivered to his door every week
  • actually enjoys furniture shopping
  • you suspect he secretly fantasizes about the days when a man wore a smoking jacket to enjoy his cigar 


Daneson Custom Toothpicks: six flavors, six vials of after-dinner showboating. Sorry to your waiter. (


Harry’s Father’s Day Shave Set: the hair keeps growing back–he basically has to use this at some point! Haha, got ’em! (


Family-Man Dad

  • says, “All I want for father’s day is to see you.” *eyeroll* GIVE US SOMETHING TO WORK WITH HERE, MAN
  • always the first to suggest he whip out his hand-made board game
  • would love to form a softball team with you and the sibs

Power Up 3. IT’S A PAPER AIRPLANE CONTROLLED BY YOUR PHONE. Ahem. His phone. This is a gift for him. (

The Jackbox Party Pack: it’s a set of games played on the TV with your phones as the controllers. Distract him from unwanted conversations about your love life/politics and have fun doing it! Check out the trailer, it looks dope. 


Older Dad/Grandfather

  • only speaks when he has something sarcastic to say
  • probably sleeping on the la-Z-boy right now
  • is Frank Barone from Everybody Loves Raymond



Creative Cussin’: because he’s gotten lazy with his insults and you both know it. (


Duck Dynasty Dad

  • hunts and cooks that same hunt
  • whispers sweet nothings to his beard as he tenderly grooms it before bed
  • sports


Cast Iron Double Burner: gumbo tastes better cooked out at the camp. (


Windcatcher Inflatable Mat: air mattress/seat that inflates in seconds without a pump or valve–more time for beer consumption and fire building. (


New Dad

  • plays video games with a toddler on his lap
  • still wears band shirts and athletic shorts out to dinner
  • will swear up and down that this gift was hand selected by his newborn

Go pro Hero4 Session: he swears he’ll take up mountain biking, but you know he will strap it to the golden retriever and set him loose in the neighborhood instead. (


A Collegiate Yeti: so he can casually take his beers with him to the kid’s soccer game and quietly reminisce on his glory days. He thinks he’s the only one with a secret in his Yeti? Adorable. (


Practical Dad

  • all he wants for Father’s Day is for you to start budgeting, because honestly, he’s concerned about your financial future
  • finds immense joy in stabilizing restaurant tables by placing sugar packets under the legs
  • your mom still dresses him


VSSL: Flashlights with 20,000 other practical uses. Not really, but it’s still pretty freakin’ handy. (


EYN Phone case: you know the old saying, “Consolidate your pocket’s items; consolidate your mind’s thoughts.” Yeah, sure, that’s a thing. (



Good luck out there, besties! Tell Pop I said happy Father’s Day.

Article by Christly